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1   Link   American Prophet
American Prophet details the story of Joseph Smith and the founding of the Mormon faith with excellent supporting materials to use in the classroom.
2   Link   Hasidism in America
Hasidism in America a valuable source from PBS to help students and teachers of the Jewish experience in the United States.
3   Link   Hinduism
Hinduism a guide provided by the BBC on the world's religions.
4   Link   From Jesus to Christians
From Jesus to Christians a Frontline special offering links of interest for educators.
5   Link   Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution
Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution a companion to the PBS series with supplemental sources for teachers.
6   Link   Religion Studies
Religion Studies offers another guide to the study of world religions for both teachers and students.
7   Link   Virtual Religion Index
Virtual Religion Index covers a wide-range of topics of interest to educators reviewing world religions.