Military History
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1   Link   Clash of Steel
Clash of Steel a fantastic site for those interested in military history with links, data bases, and much more on this British site.
2   Link   Distinguished Patriots
Distinguished Patriots is a site offered by a nationally recognized genealogical society that offers vital information on women in the military during the early years of the Republic.
3   Link   The Glory That Was Rome
The Glory That Was Rome covers a vast area of topics of interest for teachers and students alike interested in the Roman Empire, including emperors and the Roman military machine that made it all possible.
4   Link   Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum online exhibits provides a wide variety of topics and information for teachers in the UK and the USA that are interested in this subject.
5   Link   The Korean War
The Korean War is the official site to commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Korean War and is an excellent site for those teachers covering the Cold War.
6   Link   The Korean War Week by Week
The Korean War Week by Week is available from the Truman Library with an excellent chronology and source documents for teachers.
7   Link   The Russo-Japanese War
The Russo-Japanese War provides maps and other useful information for those interested in a minor conflict in Asia before World War I.
8   Link   September 11th Archive
September 11th Archive provided by the Library of Congress as a clearing house for other websites devoted to the tragedy of 9/11.
9   Link   U.S. Military History Institute
U.S. Military History Institute offers links and other specialized information that can be useful to educators and the general public.
10   Link   Vietnam War Bibliography
Vietnam War Bibliography provides texts over a wide range of topics relating to the Vietnam War and is excellent for both teachers and students seeking information on the America's longest armed conflict.
11   Link   The Wars for Vietnam
The Wars for Vietnam an important source for understanding the US in Vietnam provided by Vassar College, including documents and other significant links.
12   Link   War Times Journal
War Times Journal clearly supports teachers who seek information concerning military history with documents and archival material online.