Art History
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1   Link   Artchive
Artchive thousands of images concerning art as well as art criticism interpretation for those not so inclined.
2   Link   Art History
Art History from The Best of History Websites a splendid source covering a wide range of subjects in the field.
3   Link   Hermitage Museum
Hermitage Museum one of the world's greatest art museum is available for teachers and students online from IBM.
4   Link   Index of Artists and Architects
Index of Artists and Architects offers sources and links for educators to use to integrate art and art history into their classrooms.
5   Link   Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City has a wonderful collection of materials on line for teachers interested in art history, including St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness.
6   Link   Timeline of Art History
Timeline of Art History presented by the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers a graphic portrayal of the development of art for educators of all levels.
7   Link   Vatican Museums Online
Vatican Museums Online gives teachers the opportunity to visit the Sistine Chapel and all of the other wonderful sites in the Vatican without leaving their classrooms.
8   Link   The Web Gallery
The Web Gallery provides over 11,000 digital representations of Europe's masters from the twelfth through the eighteenth century
9   Link   WebMuseum
WebMuseum provides opportunities for teachers and students to view the world's famous artists from the web as well as offering short biographies too.
10   Link   Worlds Interwind
Worlds Interwind from the University of Pennsylvania Museum provides background to the Etruscans, Greeks, and Romans as well as their place in the world.