World History
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1   Link   AP European History
AP European History offers a wide range of suggestions for those interested in teaching AP European history and is an incredible tool for all high school teachers in the field.
2   Link   Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
Anglo-Saxon Chronicles offers a general background to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles and documents on Early England. Excellent links and materials for those interested in the Early Middle Ages.
3   Link   Avalon Project
Avalon Project of the Yale Law School offers considerable amounts of materials for teachers in Modern World History including the Versailles Treaty and the Nuremberg Tribunals.
4   Link   BBC Civilizations
BBC Civilizations reviews key issues of ethics and religion while examining ancient cultures. Another fine site provided by the BBC for educators.
5   Link   BBC History
BBC History covers a wide range of history subjects with a distinct world history slant. An excellent tool for educators teaching high school and middle school